Thursday, April 28, 2016

7 Day Lucet Challenge: Day One

I discovered a 7 Day Lucet Challenge today (it started April 1st). I've been wanting to learn to use a lucet, and although I don't think it will be difficult to learn, I haven't taken the time to learn previously. I figured the challenge was a good time as any to start! The first day was just to gather supplies. I don't have a lucet (yet) so I went through  my kitchen drawers and found a couple of options of things that might work. Both options aren't the greatest, but I decided to go with altering a wooden fork rather than the plastic fork as the plastic one's tines are quite wobbly.

My supplies. The two possibilities for a lucet are on the left.

I put everything in a little container for ease of use.

The lucet doesn't fit, but I could shorten the handle so it can if I decide I want it to.

Time to alter the wooden fork

Center tine cut off

Right side shaped and a hole drilled

My finished lucet. Not perfect, but it should work.

Here is a "real" lucet: