Saturday, January 9, 2016

Pinewood Derby Race

Our church had a pinewood derby race, their first ever. The four kids had fun getting their cars ready. Emily's car was almost an ounce over the limit. I drilled out and shaved off wood and it didn't make any difference in the weight! Finally, we got out a belt sander and shaved off the bottom of the block of wood. We painted the cars and Emi's car was overweight AGAIN! So we drilled 4 holes in the bottom with a spade bit.

They had four categories: Primary (K-2), Junior (3-5), Teen (6-8), Adult (9th grade and over).

Andy is P3, William J1, and Emily J2
Sarah is T3

Eager for the races

Photo finish set up

2nd place speed

2nd place Design

1st place Design

1st place Speed

3rd place Coloring Contest

2nd place Coloring Contest
Emily's car and awards

Andy didn't get any awards which was pretty distressing for him. He was actually the 3rd fastest car in his category, but since he was in the fast heat, he got eliminated and the winning car from the slow heat (Which barely made it down the track) got 3rd place. Emily gave him one of her 2nd place ribbons.

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Lisa said...

Our church always does a double elimination, so you have to lose twice before you're 'out' - and you race against different cars for each of your first 2 heats, that way you don't end up like Andy. :( Maybe you can drop a hint for next year. ;)