Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sarah's 8th Birthday

So, it's almost a month since Sarah's birthday so I figured I'd best get the pictures up on the blog!

Sarah ended up having 3 gift times.  The first was a combined party with cousins while my sister and her family were here from Arizona.  Sarah opted to get her main gift then.  I have other pictures of the cousins opening presents that will be in another post about the family reunion.

Sarah's 2nd gift time was her "friend" party that turned into a birthday playdate with her best friend from school as the other invitations got lost in kids' bags until after the party.

"Drop the peanut into the jar" game

Craft time

Because our plans of camping in my parents' backyard over the 4th of July didn't work out due to the excessive heat, we camped the next week, which put us there on Sarah's actual birthday, so we had a little party for her.

Andy watching the gift opening

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