Monday, September 27, 2010

U.S. Army's Spirit of America Concert

On Saturday, we went to the U.S. Army's Spirit of America concert with my parents and sister & her kids. It was a free concert, but you needed tickets.


The first half of the concert was an overview of American history with little reenactments of key portions.

The 2nd half of the concert was performances by different groups/bands.

This shows the the crowds of people. We were about 4 rows from the top!

William didn't like the "booms".

My niece, Anna, pretty much kept her ears covered like this the whole concert (even the half that didn't have any gunfire!)

This shows how close to the top we were!

Andrew didn't stay any one place for long. He was sitting with Grandma, Daddy, and Mommy, plus just standing in front of us.

The pictures of the Drill Team are less clear because Andrew was tired and fussy, so he was wiggling and it made it hard to hold steady with no flash!

Tossing a rifle from front to back.

Dan turned the flash on for this picture.


The clean up crew did a spoof of the Drill Team

Tossing a broom from front to back!

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tattrldy said...

That looks like it was a wonderful concert! Thanks for sharing. I will definitely try to go if they ever put one on close to us!