Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Family Reunion Activities 2010

It was time for my sister and her family's annual trek to the land of their birth!

We got a new tent that would hold all 6 of us (the last time we tent camped, Sarah was about Andrew's age!)

It has 3 rooms

The girls' room

The boys' room

Mom & Dad's room

We were the only ones to camp at my parents' house this year. My older sister stayed at a nearby campground.

On June 20th, we had a big family gathering to celebrate 6 birthdays, plus Father's Day.

Here are Grandpa & Grandma with 17 of their 19 grandkids (1 is in Heaven and 1 wasn't born for 2 weeks!)

Here is the whole crew!

We color coded the families to make it easier to see who went with who!

Making a shirt for Grandpa

Andrew and Peter having lunch


Getting ready for gifts

It was Peter's 1st birthday

The summer girls opening gifts

Emily with cousin Marissa.

Watching the gift opening

My younger sister bought a set of plastic pillars and made a princess cake for the girls' birthdays.

Sarah with the cake

Peter with his cake

blowing out the candles


Andrew was ready for a nap!

Of course we had bonfires and s'mores!

That was good!

While my sister and crew were here, we also had a picnic/reunion for my Mom's side of the family

Andrew liked my grandparents' dog!

Emily was telling them about the Daddy Long Legs spider that was under the bench

The Dempsey guys by the river

Playing on the playground

Everyone that was there

My Grandpa & Grandma and 3 of their 4 girls (1 lives in Wisconsin and couldn't be there)

Joshua found an egg

more discoveries!

Andrew about to stand up


nap time!

When we got home, this was on the house

On the 3rd night, thunderstorms were forecast, so we decided to sleep in my parents' basement. There ended up being a tornado warning.

It's kind of hard to see, but the rain gauge was almost filled to the top (2") It actually was tipped a little, so it could have overflowed, also.

We found this praying mantis on our bumper.

We went to the campground to swim with my sister's family

Emily making sand castles

Dan swimming with the nieces and nephews

It was Andrew's first trip to the beach

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