Saturday, May 22, 2010

Field Trip!

Sarah had a field trip earlier this month to the Grand Rapids Children's Museum . It was on Dan's day off, so he went along!


on the bus

mosaic wall


Sarah being a vet

Giddy up!

These are the other 2 girls in Dan's group

Sarah being a back seat driver

"Look how tall we are!"


art center

Afterwards, they went to the Danish Kingdom playground.

We met them there

"Hi, Daddy!"

William is in the red shirt in the middle

Sarah is in the green shirt at the top

Andrew chilling in the stroller

Emily followed Sarah around

Andrew liked the swings!

William pushing Andrew in the swings

Andrew LOVED swinging

There were men dumping/spreading new wood chips. William liked watching "Scoop".

When play time was done, they walked back to school (Sarah is the 2nd student from the front)

Dan is right above the gator

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Gina said...

Was just skimming thru your photos and remembering when my own 4 were young. The days were so full and I literally fell into bed each night, but oh, the memories....Your life will always be full. You will have so much fun, too, hearing their take on things once they are adults and "remembering". It's never what we think they'll remember.