Friday, March 20, 2009

Our Trip to ER

Yesterday evening after dinner, the kids were in the other room. It turns out they were in on our bed (which usually means they are goofying around like they aren't supposed to be on our bed). Sarah was trying to get Emily to "mind" (which for her usually means hitting or pushing) and Emily ended up falling off the bed and hitting her head on something (the dresser?) Emily came running out with blood splotches on her shirt. I looked for the source of the bleeding and realized it was coming from her head. I grabbed a napkin from the table and applied pressure. The bleeding stopped fairly quickly, but the wound was pulling apart and about ½" long. We called the after hours message service and waited for the doctor to call back. He confirmed that it sounded like it needed stitches, so off we went to the ER.

Emily ended up with 2 staples (so they didn't have to shave a spot in her hair)
If it showed, they might have done more, I suppose.

We have to go the doctor to get the staples removed in a week.


Valerie said...

hope emily's ok. the staples look scary.

Amy :) said...

Oh, my! I am glad that Emily is allright. :)

Once when Jesse was a year & a half old, he was playing with a chair on a low step. Just as Matt told him to be careful or he might get hurt, he fell backwards and hit the back of his head.

Sure enough, Jesse needed to have a stitch put in the back of his head. When we cut his hair really short, we can still see the scar if you look really close.

I'm glad Emily is going to be allright. Whew!

tattrldy said...

I bet the sight of that blood got your heart going! I'm very glad that it wasn't more serious and that she's okay. said...

Kids always find a way to get hurt in the strangest way eh? I remember one time my brother slipped and fell down the stairs. He was only 3 steps from the bottom but his tooth went through his cheek. It scares you but thank goodness she's fine.