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"The Gifted Trilogy" by Lisa T. Bergren -- Blog Blitz Spotlight and Excerpts

 The Gifted Trilogy JustRead Blog Blitz

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Begotten Betrayed Blessed

Title: The Gifted Trilogy

Author: Lisa T. Bergren

Publisher: Stonewater Books

Release Date: 2021

Genre: Supernatural Suspense / Christian

An ancient, secret letter has long prophesied that the Gifted would gather. One with the ability to heal, another with the gift of wisdom. Others with the ability to see the future, discern truth, uncover evil intent, or exhibit miraculous powers. Together they are a force, born to change the world. But their gathering has drawn the attention of those who wield power…people determined to either control or destroy them.

“[A] classic battle between good and evil. Disregard Da Vinci Code comparisons, and think Lord of the Rings.” —Publishers Weekly

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He watched as his master was tied to a stake and a great fire was set. Tears he thought spent rose in his eyes, yet he refused to look away as the flames licked upward, as the heat made him retreat, step by step.

The bishop threw his master’s life’s work—the book, carefully wrapped in a burlap sack—into the fire at the priest’s feet. The burlap swiftly burned and curled, revealing the lambskin cover of the priceless book. It too began to burn.

The priest glanced over at the boy, a quiet question in his eyes.

The boy patted his shirt in response, reassuring his master, feeling the sacred pages next to his skin.

Go, child. Go! The boy shook his head in confusion; he could hear the priest, even though the old man’s parched lips moved not. 

The boy glanced over at the bishop, his face and grand robe dancing eerily in the heat waves between them. The bishop’s eyes narrowed, and he beckoned to the boy.

Run! Run, child!

Looking at his master one last time, the boy turned and fled into the night.

--an excerpt from BEGOTTEN, book one of The Gifted, by Lisa T. Bergren

They had once been like family; Daria had called him Uncle. But death had destroyed them. The death of Daria’s parents, the death of her handfasting to her beloved, Marco, and their future. For Vincenzo, it had been the death of Tatiana, his third wife, pregnant at last with an heir, and then the death of his trust in Daria. That she had not confided in him enraged Vincenzo for a time. Now he only felt an empty hollow within his chest when he thought of her. He wanted her with him again, beside them, making him feel alive again, whole. Abramo wanted her and the Gifted in hand. Together, they would leave suffering behind. Cheat death. Rule life.

Could she not see that his way was the way to hope? Dimly, he could see her in Il Campo on that last night, tears streaming down her lovely face, a hand reaching out to him. Light surrounded her, a holy glow, her hair lifting in the wind, her eyes awash in pleading. It was as if time slowed down to a crawl, and he could see each moment with such clarity! So much was unspoken, and yet he knew what she offered—beauty, love, peace, courage. But her path would take time.

And Vincenzo had no more time. The years were quickly advancing upon him. Now was the time to seize what was his, not wait on Daria’s way. This was his path—Amidei’s path. It was harsh at times, but the power his master offered made Vincenzo feel stronger than he had in some time. Already, in serving Lord Amidei, following his lead, Vincenzo had doubled his wealth and holdings. He spent most of his nights in the arms of beautiful women and other pleasures. And within months, he’d watched the powerful Nine of Siena gradually come to kneel before them. Together, Lord Amidei and Baron del Buco now owned this city.

--an excerpt from BETRAYED, book two of The Gifted, by Lisa T. Bergren

She sighed. It would be what it would be. And with one word, the count would likely turn away, should he begin to pursue her. Barren. After all, he would be in as great a need of an heir as Marco Adimari had once been. She looked to Gianni again, able to see nothing but the outline of his form under a hooded cape, drawn close against the steadily beating rain. Beyond him at the front, two Les Baux men carried lanterns, holding them aloft to keep them to the road.

Did Gianni truly not care if he had a child of his own? He held no lands nor title beyond that of a knight. But yet did not every man wish to pass along his blood to the next generation? Was that why he had drawn away?

--an excerpt from BLESSED, book three of The Gifted, by Lisa T. Bergren


Lisa T. Bergren

Lisa T. Bergren is the best-selling, award-winning author of over 60 books in a variety of genres, from children’s picture books to contemporary romance to supernatural suspense novels. She lives in Colorado Springs in a brand-new home she and her husband just finished building and intend to never leave because she’s discovered she loathes moving. You can find out more about her at

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