Saturday, April 30, 2016

7 Day Lucet Challenge: Day Three

I didn't get to do my Day 3 lesson as soon as it came in today since it was a rather busy, run around kind of day. Today, I learned how to add beads to my cord. I used the crochet hook to pull the thread through the hole in the bead and then made the cord the same as I did yesterday. In order to keep the bead in the middle, the stitches following it are done with looser tension. I found that using my hands for adjusting the tension on this part worked better than the crochet hook.

I really like how the beads really add some pop

I found out that I won a Wool Tree Mill lucet!! I am so excited for it to come and looking forward to how nice it will be for making cords. I am getting the Fine size in walnut (the first one in the picture).

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