Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ear Tubes, Round Two

We got another letter from the school saying that Will hadn't passed the hearing test. Since he had a well child check up coming up, I brought the results with to show him. The doctor said that since Will had already been a patient of the ENT's, we didn't need a referral. Will did have Strep Throat, though, so we got amoxicillin for that. He had just finished the course of amoxicillin when we saw the ENT and he said that Will's throat was still looking red and his ears had fluid. So he put him on a different combo antibiotic for 20 days.  After the return visit, Will was scheduled to get tubes put in as the fluid was still there.

William did A LOT better this time than the last time he had tubes put in. He talked with everyone who came in (nurses, doctor, etc).

Playing with the Kindle before the surgery

Looking tired out after the surgery

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