Monday, August 11, 2014

Vacation Trip: Part Four - Loveland Castle and Carroll Bell Tower

We had planned on visiting the Air Force Museum on our 3rd day, but it was further away from the hotel than we were thinking, so we came up with an alternate plan to visit Loveland Castle instead. It wasn't as spectacular as we were thinking, but it was still fun to see.  

We saw another "rubber" duck

Since it didn't take long at the castle, we decided to find the Carroll Bell Tower on the way back to the room.  It took forever to find and then when we did find it, it took half a forever to find somewhere to park!  The story only happens on the hour, so we had to wait for 40 minutes for it to happen!  

Pretty church we saw as we were looking for parking

This is why there was no parking -- the World's Longest Garage Sale!

 We also hoped to see the largest stained glass window which was also in the area, but the church was only open until 4:00 (which is when we were finally seeing the Pied Piper story at the Bell Tower!) so we didn't get to go inside.

We thought the speed bump sign was sort of funny

Because it was later than we expected to be getting back, and we always wanted to try Chick-fil-a (since there aren't any near us), we decided to go there for dinner.  It was the day before our anniversary, and we'd be traveling on our anniversary, so it became our anniversary "date".

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