Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Yard Work: Front Flower Bed

There is a flower bed in the front of the house that has pretty much been a weed bed since we moved in 13 years ago.  I just never felt motivated to do anything about it and sort of just forgot it was there!  Pretty sad, huh!?  I decided I wanted to make it into a real flower bed, so I tackled the weeds/grass that were growing in it.  Man, those things had BIG root systems!  My body couldn't handle doing it all at once, so I did it in stages.

Just a small start and I dug up an interesting treasure...

a shoe!  It was one William wore about 4 years ago.

End of day one

Easter lilies we just planted to the left and what looks like Strawberries in the front/right

The weeds I pulled/dug up

The ones still waiting!

Day two:

Weeds out

I had this roll of flower seeds for a while (bought it for a different project that didn't happen)
Hopefully they grow!

Seed mat laid out

Water the seeds

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Ed & Dottie said...

Wow that was a lot of grass & weeds in that flower bed. Looks a lot different now. Will be pretty once your seeds grow.