Saturday, March 29, 2014

What a Lovely Winter We Are Having This Spring!

Well, we sure are having a long winter!  Here are some pictures from March 4th and 7th.

Trying to get a picture of the frozen river from the car!
March 7th:

My mittens bled black dye onto my hands!

Pictures of the river mostly frozen over on March 8th:

Our front door froze shut!  We've had the screen door freeze before, but not the inside one!

I was finally able to open the doors at 2:30.  

It finally got up to about normal (40°) and some of the snow started to melt, but then it got colder again and we got more snow!  We even had snow on the "First Day of Spring"!  In the fresh snow, we found these tracks going up our driveway and across our porch. ☺

It took him a little bit of effort to get up on that 2nd step apparently!

March 27th 

March 28th, the ground is starting to show!  Normally, we watch for the crocuses to bloom by this time, but there is a bunch of snow still covering the flower bed.

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