Thursday, September 26, 2013

ArtPrize 2013

Tuesday, we got the kids out of school a little early so we could go and see some of the ArtPrize exhibits.  We invited my parents to come with this year.  We parked at Meijer again and rode the bus into Grand Rapids.  We rode the bus longer than last year and got off closer to the area we spent most of the time in last year.  We didn't do any of the indoor venues, just the larger out door ones.  We got to Meijer at 3:50 and back again at 7:50.  I took pictures of all the exhibits we saw whether I liked them or not ☺

close up of the clown fish above

This dragon breathed fire

The artist was whispering through the tube to Andy

Dan was talking to the news guy to find out where Monty was

This tree is left over from the super flooding we had earlier this year.

Monty ☺

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Burtonbunch said...

Fun to look at---I did the same thing---took pictures of almost everything whether or not I liked the exhibits! I think we toured almost the same route!! Fun to see your pictures! Thanks for sharing!