Thursday, October 25, 2012

Family Fun Night

This year's Family Fun Night at the school was not as involved as past years.  The kids had fun but were a little bummed there were only 2 things to do (make a placemat and face painting).  Emily got right in line for face painting (she was next in line) and everyone else went to the placemat station.  When the boys got done with their placemats, they said they wanted to get their faces painted, too.  By this time, there were about 8 people in line.  Then when there was only 1 person left in line, a PTO mom came with 3 kids and brought them straight to the front of the line to get painted!  It was a little annoying we had to wait even longer. 

Hello Kitty


Andy requested an "orange, scary butterfly"

Sarah with her best friend (and fourth cousin!)

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