Friday, July 13, 2012

Sarah's Cast Removal ☺

Sarah's appointment to get her cast removed was Wednesday.

They had these animals in the waiting room for the kids to play on

Cutting the cast off

Cut complete

Top of the cast off

This shows the pins in her elbow

They used the bottom of the cast to make a splint
for her to use for a week or two.  She can take it off to bathe or swim
and when she's sleeping/not active (so basically, when she's sleeping!)

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Burtonbunch said...

So thankful that Sarah is at this point in her recovery! Merica & I were just there a few weeks ago with her foot fracture!! She got her splint off, and we could put the crutches away!! How has she done with the hot weather? Hopefully she will continue to heal without complications! Pictures were great to see!