Thursday, March 29, 2012

Today is Emily's 6th Birthday!

It is hard to believe that Emily is 6 years old today!   Since Sarah's shoulders had gotten stuck during delivery, they decided to induce me with Emi the day before my due date so she'd more likely be smaller and easier to deliver (she ended up being 6 oz bigger, but did deliver easier)   They started the pitocin at 7:30 am, broke my water at 9:20 (that's what always kicked in the labor for me), and I started shaking at 10:30 (a sure sign I was close to the end).  I was fully dialated at 11:15 and Emily Danielle Dempsey arrived at 11:35.  Her's was my quickest labor at 4 hours. 

I gave Emi one present today (the rest she'll get at her 2 parties, which I'll post about later since she hasn't had them yet!)   Here are pictures of her opening that present....

First peek at baby's face

Patricia Zoe Dempsey, 16" long, 1 lb 12 oz

I brought Patty with when I brought Emi's birthday treat to her class.  A LOT of people thought she was a real baby! 

Emi's classmates gathering around to see her baby

Everyone is singing Happy Birthday to Emi

Are you 1?  Are you 2? Are you 3? Are you 4?  Are you 5?  Are you 6?  STOP

passing out cup cakes

Here is a picture of Patty after I finished sewing her body, putting in the weight and attaching her limbs and head

The diaper is almost as big as she is!


Ladytats said...

pretty doll Becky,
did you shape the head and limbs? or just sew the body? good work.

Becky said...

I bought the head and limbs already painted off of Ebay. I sewed the body, put glass beads into her and stuffed everything to hold in the beads and then put her together.

Amy :) said...

Wow, does she look excited about her gift! Did she have any idea she was getting a reborn for her b-day?

Wow. I still remember just what I was doing the day she was born. It's so crazy to me that it's already been six years, but she's got two little brothers and they're not babies, anymore, either! Time sure flies!!