Monday, June 14, 2010

Vacation Bible School Prep.

VBS is this week at church. It is exciting this year that we have the sole occupancy of the building so the decorating has been in full swing all last week! (Last year we couldn't really do anything until after the other group had used the building on Saturday)

Dan & I came in on Wednesday to help out

Here is a start to the hallway / entry decorations

And the start to the auditorium decorations

Here Andrew is enjoying his feet sliding around on the plastic!

Yesterday at church, they did a little intro to the theme of VBS (SeaQuest: Diving for God's Treasure)

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mattswife1990 said...

Wow, it looks great! I can certainly tell the theme by looking at the photos!!

Have a great week of VBS... we'll see you on Sunday!

Amy & fam :)