Friday, February 19, 2010

Sarah's Story

When I checked Sarah's folder from school last night, there were 5 sticky notes with parts of a story written on them. This is what they said:

Any ideas what it said??
I asked Sarah to read them to me this morning.
It says:
Monkeys rode on their daddy's backs.
Monkeys wash in the waters.
Monkeys hide in trees from their enemies.
Monkeys eat their fleas.
Monkeys are fast little guys.
She said that they had to look at the pictures in a book and write the story they told.


Amy :) said...

How cute! :)

Mieal Deneb said...

LOL that's cute! Now that I've read the "translation" I can see how it says that. The guys confused me at first until I realized that she got the g in "giz" backward.

Very clever for a kindergartner!