Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Olympian Shirts

For the last couple of months, my mom and I have been working on getting shirts ready for "Membership Night" for Olympians at church. Once the kids complete the requirements for being a member, they get a t-shirt with the name of our church and a patch with their group name on it. I did the names and Mom did the patches.

The leaders have blue shirts and the kids have red. My mom is the nursery leader, so we decided to give them a group name, also. The green shirt is hers and the yellow are the nursery aged kids.

We did 13 blue, 10 red, 1 green, and 3 yellow shirts (so far) It took about 20 minutes to do the name embroidery (if we didn't have problems, and we had LOTS!) and an hour for Mom to hand sew on each patch (the iron on stuff didn't stick for long!)

Close up of shirts. My girls have red shirts and the boys have yellow shirts.

Sarah getting her shirt.

Emily getting her shirt.

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mattswife1990 said...

The shirts turned out really nice! Our church does a club called Patch the Pirate (ages 6-6th grade) and PeeWee Club (ages 2-5), and we don't get the shirts, to hold down on cost. But the shirts you guys made look fantastic! :)