Monday, September 28, 2009

Rogue River Reenactment

Last weekend was the Grand Rogue Reenactment. It sort of snuck up on us and I finished Dan's pants' waistband and sewed a new dress for Emily in the few days beforehand!

nap time

Helping Grandpa get firewood.


Mieal Deneb said...

I love the girls' dresses, they're so cute! I wish we could have gone, but with all we need to do to our house, we desperately needed the whole day to work here. We're hoping we can go next year. :)


mattswife1990 said...

The kids look so sweet in their Civil War costumes! The nap photos and helping gather wood ones are really sweet, too. :)

We love you guys!
Amy & fam :)

Jodi said...

Did you really camp with 4 little ones?? I'm impressed and LOVE the outfits!! I wish I could sew like that.

This is Jodi H. from woolsoakergroup, btw. :)