Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dog Cupcakes

Sarah told me that she wanted to make cupcakes--DOG cupcakes like we saw in the magazine at the store. I had no idea what she was talking about since she had gone to the store with Grandma! So we went and bought the magazine (Family Circle) so I could figure out what she wanted!

Of course we made CHOCOLATE cupcakes even though the magazine used white cupcakes!

The girls don't look too excited in the picture, even though they were having fun!

The dogs started





All the dogs together


mattswife1990 said...


Those are CUTE!! How long did it take you to decorate all of them?

I'll bet the girls loved watching the whole process, and of course eating them, too!! :)

By the way, Emily's hair is sure getting long! Wow... soon she'll be two!

Love ya!
Amy :)

Lawton said...

I am thinking of trying to make these for my 3 year old's birthday - were they very hard to do?