Sunday, September 2, 2007

Danish Festival Weekend

Friday, they always have free kids events.

This year, Sarah couldn't get enough of the inflatable slide!

Emily went down once with the help of one of the workers.

This was the first year that Sarah wanted to go in the bouncing clown. Obviously, they had a ball!

In the craft area, the girls are working on making coffee filter butterflies.

Another view of the work on the butterflies.

Sarah with her finished butterfly.

Now we are making crowns.

Emily with her finished crown.

Sarah with her finished crown.

Here is the whole crew on Saturday for the parade.

The girls watching the parade.

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mattswife1990 said...


It's fun to see your photos from the Danish Festival. The one that got me feeling kinda nostalgic was the one of the whole crew, right where we sat with you last year during the parade.

Ah, I was trying *not* to feel sad about missing that! But, I'm sure glad we came down & enjoyed the parade with you the last two years! Hope you all had fun! :)

I'm gonna have to check your babies online site for belly shots. I bet you're starting to get big! :)

Talk to ya later,
Amy :)