Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Garden is getting so big!!

Taken on July 12, the corn is now taller than Sarah!

We have a few baby pumpkins!! Yeah!

Here are some baby watermelons!

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mattswife1990 said...


Wow, that's really impressive! I always joke that I have "two brown thumbs" (you know, instead of a green thumb?) because I kill plants without even trying.

I have been thinking that I'd like to have a fresh herb garden. So my friend Heidi gave me some herbs from her garden on our way out of the U.P.

Of course, it took us six days to get here, so I had that working against me from the start. Almost all of them died, but it looks like the chives might just be alright! That's a start, anyway. :)

It's fun seeing the photos of your garden... and to think I didn't even know you had one!!

Amy :)